EXD - Extra Dimensional is a virtual reality adventure that blends elements of first-person shooter (FPS) and role-playing game (RPG), catapulting you into a breathtaking fantasy universe. 

Face legendary creatures, solve intricate puzzles, survive cunning pitfalls and uncover hidden secrets, all in an environment that responds to your actions with advanced, realistic physics.



Luigi, once a simple courier, finds himself catapulted into a fantasy world where he becomes a hero with extraordinary powers. Thanks to the advanced technology provided by the dimensional guardians, he transforms into a Mage/Warrior, gaining increasingly powerful abilities as the game progresses.

The task assigned to the chosen one is to retrieve Earth objects that have contaminated Erath, and bring them back to Earth, preventing a dimensional collapse. During the journey through six breathtaking worlds, Luigi will discover that nothing is as it seems. The truth he is destined to discover will lead him to make a choice on which the survival of two universes will depend.



EXD is a game designed for discerning gamers, designed for PC VR and third-generation standalone. 

A key element of EXD is physical interaction. Your hands are not just for fighting, but can interact directly with objects in the world that will appear solid and coherent to you. You can touch, pick up, move and manipulate weapons, buttons, levers, artifacts and every other object in a natural way immersing you even more in the game experience.


Thanks to advanced physics and detailed haptic feedback programming you will perceive everything. Every movement, every stroke, has a tangible impact, creating an authentic sense of presence. This attention to physical detail makes exploration and combat even more immersive, taking the VR gaming experience to a new level of realism.



The game's aesthetic is an homage to the classic fantasy tradition, contaminated with terrestrial and alien elements. 

The environments are detailed and realistic, with manic attention to every element. Every detail is designed to create a sense of wonder and awe, making the gaming experience even more immersive. 

In EXD - Extra Dimensional, graphics are not just an aesthetic element, but a key component of gameplay, helping to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

EXD - Extra Dimensional offers an engaging gaming experience with rewarding skill progression and a captivating storyline.


Get ready to lose yourself in this magical world, uncover hidden truths, and make decisions that could change the destiny of the universe.


"I used the experience of fifteen years devoted to filmmaking and writing to put together a group of talented people
who could help me create an unforgettable world. A game that I for one always wanted to play."
Angelo Licata



We are first and foremost Nerds, Videogamers and VR enthusiasts. We believe that masterpieces such as Alyx and Blade & Sorcery are the example to follow in creating the video game experiences of the future. Our goal is to create an unforgettable journey in a virtual but "solid" world enriched by an engaging and exciting story.

Angelo Licata

Creative Director

Marco Ghislanzoni
Technical Director

Annamaria De Pasquale
Managing Director



Story by Angelo Licata and Giacomo Cimini
Screenplay by Angelo Licata and Roberto Pretti
Concept Art by Tommaso Ragnisco



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